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OUR STORY & PHILOSOPHY (ہماری کہانی اور فلسفہ)

About Gulabia (گلابیہ کے بارے میں)

Gulabia is a Metal Embossed Art Gallery where you can find unique metal embossed art pieces.

The Gallery has all the handmade metal pieces representing a true reflection of the old Indian Mughal Era.

The Unique Art pieces represent the traditional culture of Pakistan and India.

Everything is 100% made in the USA, with a Customizable product option.


What is Metal Embossed/Pewter Art?

(میٹل ایمبسڈ/پیوٹر آرٹ کیا ہے؟)

Metal embossing or Pewter Repousse (French) is an ancient art form used to impart a design upon malleable metal sheets.

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